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22 Aug 2014

Paris Hilton Upskirt Pussy Wedgie

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: pussy slip, Upskirt

This pic is from a while ago but is arguably my favorite Paris Hilton photo of all time. Paris’ underwear couldn’t get further up her hungry pussy and it looks amazing…enjoy.


21 Aug 2014

Lea Michele Nip Slip at the Teen Choice Awards

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Nip Slips

Some nip slip action from “Glee” star Lea Michele at the Teen Choice Awards…the teen boys in the audience must have loved this shit, much more that the crappy show she’s on anyways.

Lea Michele_nip-slip-teen-choice

20 Aug 2014

Selena Gomez Butt Cheeks Hang out

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Ass

Selena Gomez is a super hot piece of ass and from these recent pics obviously not afraid to show it off a little bit by letting her buttĀ cheeks hang out in her shorty shorts…luv it

selena gomez ass cheaks 3

selena gomez ass cheaks 2

selena gomez ass cheaks


19 Aug 2014

Minka Kelly Nip Slip

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Nip Slips

Arguably one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood these days – Minka Kelly gives us a peek at her nip in the outtake from a TV show she did…btw what the fuck kind of name is “Minka” ???


18 Aug 2014

Lily Allen Nip Slip

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Nip Slips

Lily Allen has quite the nips on her…definitely could scratch some glass with her pokies, wouldn’t mind chewing on them for 1 or 9 minutes.


17 Aug 2014

Iggy Azalea Nude Leaked Photos

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Ass, Celebrity News, Nude Celebrity

What’s not to like about Izzy Azalea’s Big Ass -some say these leaked nude Iggy pics are fake, I say they are real fucking good…nice chunky cheeks


iggy-azalea-nude-leaked-photos-2 iggy-azalea-nude-leaked-photos-1 iggy-azalea-nude-leaked-photos-ass