Bass, how low can U go?? Death Row? What a chinaman know?

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 25 of July 2007 at 3:55 pm

HOLY FUCK, sorry folks..its been a while since i posted any shit..the Montreal trip took alot outta me, then aerosmith..that was a good show…and ya..i was too blasted up in montreal to get pics of hot chicks…but some toothless crackwhore offered to fuck me for 10 bucks outside a strip club at 3 pm. lol…i of course said no…cuz i don’t neccessarily wanna get ghonna-sypha-herpa-leees…lol

On a brighter side..i guess Drew Carey is going to host the price is right now.. not that lesbo retard cow rosie… does she still drip from the snatch? or did she get her uteris pulled out so she can’t retard up the rest of the world? cuz seriously..everyone’s ok with gay people.. and i guess i am too… but being a homo is an obvious mental defect…it would be like breeding retards for no good reason.

Also… i think we all need to do something in canada about creating jobs for qualified people and not dumping money into programs to give ‘tards jobs or stupid associations that remind women when to get their tits checked for for real…ur doctor can give u a card that says come back in 6 months or whatever.. u don;t need the gov. to allocate half a million every year to an association cuz women can’t remember to check their tits for lumps…thats a stupid as saying the gov should pay for bangkok hookers to come to canada, clean out their aids infested asses and then send em around town to give guys bjers n’ shit..cuz really…half a million goes alot farther in thailand lol.

otherwise..its been a cool golf game is shit…and i need a new job… can some one hook a nigga up?

to end it..i saw this figgity comic on tv last night..and he made a great point… always maxi pads….shouldnt they be called “some of the time” rather than “always”?

thats one to think about my druuugies…till next time…no feltching…


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