Beer Holder & Marital Advice

Posted By Perple Jesus on Tuesday, 20 of February 2007 at 8:21 pm

Since the blackXmas hasn’t updated his fuckin blog in a few days ( he’s probly drunk off his ass ) i figure i’d go ahead and post some marital advice for all the married readers out there….also the perple jesus would like to point out that if the blackXmas were to purchase a beer holder, it would probably look like this whoore picture below. Bitches and Ho’s with wet panties that hold beer are in line with the blackXmas’s standard operating procedures

Dear Perple Jesus:


Dear Perple Jesus:


Dear Perple Jesus:


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Who The Fuck Am I?

Who the fuck are YOU?? Some say i'm an asshole, sexist, perverted, eccentric, over the top (ya stallone!!!!) and alot of other things... is true i have what some might say "out of the box" opinions...but so did the jesus...and in the big labowski "nobody fucks with the jesus" ...BE CAREFUL WHAT U BELIEVE...INCLUDING ANYTHING ON THIS SITE, SOME THINGS ARE HERE TO SHOCK, SOME TO ENTERTAIN, BUT IN THE END U GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN