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Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 29 of July 2008 at 3:28 am

so for this installment of our show i’ve decided to relay some information regarding the types of people and occurances u might find in a casino.

#1)  asians

asian people are a part of casino’s like the irish like to drink..someone told me its in their culture to be degenerate gamblers..well even the hot gook whores are into it..they fucking talk alot of bullshit slope talk when they are in there too..u don’t know what the fuck they are saying..

#2) people that reek (degenerate gamblers)

ya thats right..go home and take a shower…theres people in casinos that stink sooo fucking bad that u almost puke when u walk by them…god its a rotton basement carpet.. its cuz they have a gambling problem..stupid fucks..its for a good time..not a long time..listen to that song …and live by it….ha

#3) hot bitches

seriously do i have to explain this part?  lots of $$$ = hot bitches around…or any chicks for that matter…they love money…and really like roulette..the more random the game..the more they like it…go figure eh??

#4) old people

they just go there to spend their pension and bitch…then eventually die ..i think

so ya..thats a brief insight into a casino visit… theres a whole fuck of a lot u people that have something to a comment…not the usual tool comment i get on here tho…those people’s head’s are gone

oh by the way..i’m the best texas hold’em player ever…seriously..i’ll fuck u up on a table

till next time my druuugies


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