is everybody in? the show is about to..begin…

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 24 of March 2009 at 5:58 am

welcome back to the world of Bx and Perple J…i have been informed by the Master J that we will in fact be revamping this site to bring u wonderful people more of what u want…an honest, objective and usually fucking hilarious view on whats going on in the world…addressing social injustices, quandering social thought, and tell people to harden the fuck up when necessary… so ya…keep on reading and writing people…if a tree falls in the forest…you know…it might hit a monkey….

so anyway…if i have neglected u my druuugies i do apologize…i’ve been on a steady dose of booze, march madness, strippers and mlb 09 the show for ps3…

it hasen’t been pretty… but it has been entertaining….

an intersting story passed my desk from many many moons ago (that reference was just for u my native american friends 😉 haha)…..

buddy hooks up with this pin cushion back in highschool…chick just gets hammered on by a bunch of guys all the time right…can’t fit it in her…so here’s the great part…like 6 years later he grabs her at the bar..and she’s nice and borred out by now…slides right in….what a slut eh? haha..funny thing is…this is more usual than most of us guys would care to believe….what ever happened to the old days..when chicks just shat out kids and cooked dinner…damn the economy and 2 job families….thats also why alot of kids get preggers these days…its a big circle of shit..hahaha…but i’m not one to u never heard it from me 😉

anyway….new site is coming soon….or i’m gonna fucking lose it… i can’t help but put up a pic i found of this chick online…. she’s hot as shit right? but don’t be fooled..she has razorblades in her pussy..i think…

here i come to save the day,


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Who The Fuck Am I?

Who the fuck are YOU?? Some say i'm an asshole, sexist, perverted, eccentric, over the top (ya stallone!!!!) and alot of other things... is true i have what some might say "out of the box" opinions...but so did the jesus...and in the big labowski "nobody fucks with the jesus" ...BE CAREFUL WHAT U BELIEVE...INCLUDING ANYTHING ON THIS SITE, SOME THINGS ARE HERE TO SHOCK, SOME TO ENTERTAIN, BUT IN THE END U GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN