Whats so wrong with being white?

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 6 of May 2009 at 4:08 pm

hi folks…how is everyone doing today..hope u all like the new layout..the perple j got the shit together..and well..pretty good for an opium induced work day ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

anyway.. here’s some new things i have seen and heard with my beatty little eyes and big junk in my pants….

why did people think that barack obama would do something for the american economy and the peril that the country is in? he’s just a black guy..with relatively no experience..is it cuz he is half negro? really? I think thats a load of shit..u have to have ideas on how to turn the economy around..being half black/half osama bin laden isn’t gonna just “fix” the economy…retards

so now what next obama? spend more money on bailouts? yaaaay…then what? nothing…retards… i kind of equate him getting elected to white chicks that like black guys just cuz they are black…i’ve seen alot of this in society..there is really no other reason they are into these guys except for the fact that he is black..they get treated like whores and they love it…they cheat on their boyfriends or husbands with a guy just cuz they want “black cock” haha….why do women have to be such whores all the time…

some say women wear make up and perfume and stylish clothes and do their hair because they are “feminine and it expresses their personality”ย  #1 thats bullshit cuz personality expresses ur personality…ย  and #2 i go with the less popular opinion that they make all that cover , the hair , the make up, etc…because they are hiding the true evil that they harbour….lol..haven’t u noticed that women are always cold..even in hot weather? theres a reason…cold blooded folks… haha

anyway…enough about negro lovin whores and barack obama..how about the detroit red wings getting screwed last night? that ranks up there with the biggest fuck overs of all time…i mean…does someone need a beating? yes..and that person is the collective NHL “war room”…i can’t believe those dumb fucks can’t over rule an obvious missed call… if u have any comments..feel free to leave them…

until next time… do whats right…and kill the bullshitย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


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is everybody in? the show is about to..begin…

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 24 of March 2009 at 5:58 am

welcome back to the world of Bx and Perple J…i have been informed by the Master J that we will in fact be revamping this site to bring u wonderful people more of what u want…an honest, objective and usually fucking hilarious view on whats going on in the world…addressing social injustices, quandering social thought, and tell people to harden the fuck up when necessary… so ya…keep on reading and writing people…if a tree falls in the forest…you know…it might hit a monkey….

so anyway…if i have neglected u my druuugies i do apologize…i’ve been on a steady dose of booze, march madness, strippers and mlb 09 the show for ps3…

it hasen’t been pretty… but it has been entertaining….

an intersting story passed my desk from many many moons ago (that reference was just for u my native american friends ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha)…..

buddy hooks up with this pin cushion back in highschool…chick just gets hammered on by a bunch of guys all the time right…can’t fit it in her…so here’s the great part…like 6 years later he grabs her at the bar..and she’s nice and borred out by now…slides right in….what a slut eh? haha..funny thing is…this is more usual than most of us guys would care to believe….what ever happened to the old days..when chicks just shat out kids and cooked dinner…damn the economy and 2 job families….thats also why alot of kids get preggers these days…its a big circle of shit..hahaha…but i’m not one to complain..so u never heard it from me ๐Ÿ˜‰

anyway….new site is coming soon….or i’m gonna fucking lose it… i can’t help but put up a pic i found of this chick online…. she’s hot as shit right? but don’t be fooled..she has razorblades in her pussy..i think…

here i come to save the day,


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hide-dy ho motherfuckers…..

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 4 of February 2009 at 4:37 am

Bx, ur old friend..is back again..bask in my reflective glory…i have a few new insights into this terrible, twisted, man hating, pro estrogen world we live in..and how we can make it a better place…

#1 fantasia parties…
WHAT THE FUCK…SERIOUSLY… women get together in “parties” and buy dildos and the like… even married women? seriously..u wanna get off..u get a man..i mean sure..buy one to stick in ur ass when ur getting nailed by a guy..but seriously..thats just retarded..is there anything women won’t spend money on…i mean..sex is something virtually any woman can get at any time..so unless ur a serious nympho or u got a hole the size of the grand canyon and need a “mr. fister” u should be ok with a normal male cock.

#2 ….. the super bowl…
it never fails…drama, drama, drama…..now if the lions can make a comeback and win a game? lol ya…they suck worse than the maple leafs..who suck really bad at hockey if anyone didn’t know…

#3…… why so many kids?
why do women feel compelled to have a bastard child even if it was the consequence of a 1 night stand..i cannot comprehend..for the life of me…why u would want to burden ur life forever and decrease the likelyhood that ur kid will grow up well adjusted and a positive addition to society to just follow ur bullshit religious beliefs and not have an abortion????? crazyness i tell ya..

i think everyone needs to listen to this guy..and harden the fuck up…


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Baseball Cards…

Posted By Perple Jesus on Thursday, 15 of March 2007 at 5:04 pm

Baseball season is right around the corner so I was digging thru my collection of cards and found I had doubles of Barry Bonds Rookie Card…anyone wanna trade?????


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Gotta Go States

Posted By blackXmas on Monday, 22 of January 2007 at 9:21 pm

Chicks in the states really know how to party…nothing better than when a slut bends over her best friend and shoves two fucking fingers right up her asshole for everyone at the party to see…fantastic


you know this guy liked it…


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