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Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 25 of November 2008 at 5:55 pm

happy holidays heads….or jolly xmas…whatever the fuck?
i dunno what it is about this time of year..but it makes me sick..maybe its cuz of the crazy money laundering of people to buy junk to appease their kids and thus abandon their role as parents…or if its the shrowd of “peace on earth” and “goodwill toward men” bullshit that no one really believes… its quite interesting how shit goes down…

i mean really…have u ever heard if someone commits a crime in the holidays the term, “…and on xmas ( i wont say the religiously biased version of this dispicable holiday thanks) ” SO really? someone stealing a car or murdering a person on or near xmas…that makes it worse??? cuz maybe that person didn’t deserve to die “around xmas” but in february it would have been fine…oh wait..valentines day and black history month (great song by death from above 1979 btw) are in february…so thats no about april? is april ok? hmmm..possibly..cuz theirs just april fools day in april…but the mlb baseball season starts up…actually someone getting off’ed during the baseball playoffs is more relevant to me….ha

also….tyra banks is still being a huge douche…one minute all she tells chicks is how to make urself better ..better for what exactly i dunno…and the next minute she’s hang with prositutes and porn stars and disfigured bitches being all mother theresa… this chick is a retard…thats why models don’t talk…like is anyone really taking advice from a chick thats been on coke and got fucked in globe trotting orgies half her life? lol for real? wow…

also..i’ve played a couple of great games for the ps3….the new wwe game.. and nhl 09….they both are if ur kids like shit..get that…

merry cocksucking xmas motherfuckers…

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Say it ain’t so BENOIT!!!

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 27 of June 2007 at 3:35 am

as some of u may or may not have heard..this wrestler guy killed his wife, his kid, and himself the other day. this is quite interested as he had alot of money and shit..and could have got another chick to blow him in a minute if his wife left him…

I don’t get this guy…but either way..crazy ass frenchman..good thing i’m goin to montreal in a couple days..haha wait for pics of hot montreal broads coming.. that’ll be good shit fuckers


benoit in happier times when he’s not killing children or hanging himself 🙂

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