didn’t u kill my brotha?

Posted By blackXmas on Saturday, 10 of January 2009 at 4:06 pm

ok..so the site is getting more traffic..thats bad ass..please continue to spread the “good word” of Bx and the Perple J …if he ever gets out of that dope coma…lol
anyway…i stumbled across a video on youtube that i had a good time with when i was in highschool…i didn’t jerk off to it or anything..but its really funny when ur high…anyway…enjoy …and fuck notorious…thats just a movie about a dead guy…how about they make a movie about me…called.. cocktorious….cuz of my monster unit …lol

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Who The Fuck Am I?

Who the fuck are YOU?? Some say i'm an asshole, sexist, perverted, eccentric, over the top (ya stallone!!!!) and alot of other things... is true i have what some might say "out of the box" opinions...but so did the jesus...and in the big labowski "nobody fucks with the jesus" ...BE CAREFUL WHAT U BELIEVE...INCLUDING ANYTHING ON THIS SITE, SOME THINGS ARE HERE TO SHOCK, SOME TO ENTERTAIN, BUT IN THE END U GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN