Funny Picture Friday

Posted By blackXmas on Saturday, 25 of April 2009 at 5:02 pm

weathermanpenis.jpg its a day late..its actually alot later than that haha..anyway..its been a while since we all said hi to each other…so look at that warm front above here….she like-a da way ur dick taaassttee…and that dude down there …..i dunno what the fuck his problem is..probably a faggot…who don’t like titties and asses of sacriligious whores?

Cooooeeeemmmmmmeeee aaaahhhhhnnnnnnnn!!!!   shit…that guys gay for sure…so anyway…i’m still amazed at society…is barack obama trying to put people in his military in jail? for torturing his people?

hahahaha tooooo funny….way to go america…not that canada is much better…fuckink harper (the prez canada) he’s a fucktard too lol… hows cuba doin? che’s kid in there yet? by the way..dont take free drinks from strangers…u know why

enjoy the shit…cuz the shit show is just about to start kids..


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