go away….’baiten

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 6 of March 2007 at 10:13 pm

ok, heres the prelude. when i get up for work sometimes i just turn on the old tv to have some background noise while i’m doing the morning shit (drinking coffee, doing crack, etc…ha). Usually if i scan thru the channels and see the maury povich show ( u know that douche that is married to that old nip newswoman connie CHUNG….love that word…chung hehehe) I usually stop cuz there are always whores on there testing would be baby daddy # 8 or some shit.

I find it unbelievable that these women have the nerve to go on a tv show, especially one as pathetic as maury fucking povich, over and over again to prove how big of a slut they actually are..its quite remarkable…pure stupidity… and it looks great on them cuz each time they are soooo sure that its THIS guy..god..what whores…women reading this..don’t be whores..fuck 1 guy..if u get bored , fuck another guy..but make it sequential and monogomas…not like 5 different guys all the time, cuz then u get this shit happening..and u dont need that lol.

Of course this is due to the “Idiocracy Theory” , and while really, reaaaaaaaaaallly fucking funny its kind of scary at the same time. Society IS getting nore retarded and most of you fucks out there are to blame. Whats the “Idiocracy Theory”? I thought you would never ask..here goes…..

Idiocracy is a new movie by mike judge (he does king of the hill, wrote office space, he’s good shit) and its premise is that because of the fact that scumbags just fuck like rabbits and sit on welfare or whatever and have like 10 kids while intelligent people plan their kids and prepare for them and how to raise them have like 1 or 2. So over like 500 yrs everyone gets dumber because the trailor trash takes over the world… and one army private gets frozen (only for a year, that was the plan, but turned out to be 500 yrs) and when he awakes hes the smartest guy in the world….ur average joe so to speak….so u can see..this shit could happen…’tards everywhere cuz popular culture throws us towards “ghetto” and all this other shit…its really gross is what it is…. and my title…”go away, baiten…thats what “frito” says in that movie when someone knocks on the door while he’s masturbaiting…thats how dumb people will get..that they can’t even make up a good excuse when they are rubbing one off…pathetic.

So as u can see dumb fucks will inevitably destroy our world, and stupid whores, don’t forget about them…how could we? hehe I guess what i’m getting at is that tolerance for stupidity and stupid actions, liberalism, etc…. needs to be curtailed just a tad before shit like this happens, really kids…its not too fucking hard to imagine..

Comments? questions? concerns? email them too opulantcanine@hotmail.com ….OR….go fuck yourself..

Now…….GO AWAY!!!! ‘BAITEN!!!

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