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19 Nov 2007

Good Morning America

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Advice, Random Shit

How is everyone? good? bad? care factor = 0

so anyway..i had quite a weekend…not really..sarnia bores me..same filth at the bar, same scenario every time, dirty bitch talks to and goes home with the gimpiest dude at the bar…i guess i can’t allow myself to be a big enough tit to try to pick up a chick at a bar..but my druugies…i’m getting older..and i dunno if i wanna bring a chick home from the bar around here..i did that like 3 years ago and right before we were gonna get it on she told me she had the herpes…then told me that a condom would stop me from getting it…UHHH UHHHH!!!! stupid bitch eh, like i’m gonna get warts to pound her…..definately not worth it lol

anyway… i’m sure there is more going on in the world then I cared to observe over the last couple days..but i didn’t look…hehe..

How about this? anyone have a topic they would like me to address or a question they need answered…send ur questions and shit to

also..women..send in ur pics with BLACKxMas painted on ya somehow and u might get a free gift ;) hehe..most likely not..but u’ll be able to make the site a better place to live…and be sure to include ur titties or ass in the pic..

here’s one i recieved already..not the greatest titties..but its a start.


HEAVY HANGERS eh druuuugies? hehe

keep sending in ur titty pics bitches… i love it… ;)



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