Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 2 of November 2007 at 4:41 am


Neil Diamond is pretty killer… we started up this thing in uni(versity) cuz we had a keg party on devils night one year..then we left to go to hamilton to party..then we came back on nov 1 and had a left of keg..so we named nov 1 1997 neil diamond day…drank the rest of the keg with 10 of our best friends…got high and listened to neil diamond..then went to the bar..got sluts and nailed em to “sweet caroline” just fucking cranked…

that was 1o yrs ago now…the good old days..

(BTW..thanks to some cockwhore named anne that left a comment and reminded me that i had 11 yrs instead of 1o yrs ago…look bitch..i’m sure the dick u took up the ass last night was a waaaay bigger mistake then me fucking up a year ya cunt..so next time lets leave a picture eh hun? or go back to being a dumb bitch that makes decisions with her erratic pussy controlled thoughts..which can’t be good for anyone cuz anything that bleeds for 7 days and dosen’t die..is crazy..thanks, Ed.)

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