Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 15 of January 2008 at 4:03 am

ya..i know..its been a while..sorry for the delay..its been quite a few weeks with the holidays and all (holidays ok with everyone? i hate christianity as much as a radical muslim, but fuck both of em’ lol)

So i saw balls of fury..good movie..lots of chinks..a hot nipper whore and that wetback george lopez…great shit…nobody really famous tho…except the other half of shake and bake from ricky bobby and oswald from the Drew Carrey show. I love ping pong and hot asian sluts…good movie…not great..not dodge ball good..but good none the less.

The best part of the movie was actually a name the nip old man had for the white guy he was training “Why Low” i’m sure its spelled differently in chink speak…but i decided to spel it photonetically so we could all say it…but anyway..it means “round eye”…i thought it was funny because is that supposed to make a whitey feel bad? we don’t care about round eyes or sloped eyes or whatever..as long as she has a tight ass….and she did in that movie 😉

So how about hilary clinton…a chick or a terrorist…good luck u.s.a.,..this is gonna incur WWIII trust me…some way or another…i dunno what the world is coming too..thank god i’m not gonna live forever lol..

so its been a while since i had any intelligent responses to anything i’ve written..so how about something that dosen’t scream “i’m a lazy fuck and just want to write something on the worlds’ greatest website”

see ya later roundeyes




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