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21 Jun 2008

here’s a couple things to ponder…..

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Random Shit

people..its been a and the perple j are convening on toronto we;ll get some good shit from there…take it as u wish… but in the meantime..2 things have become apparent to me..

1) chicks that are niggettes(white chix that pretend they are black)…are not for white guys who act like they are white

this is basically a solid principle to base ur life on..if u dating a chick that strickly likes r&b and u like rock music..and she goes out..chances are she’s gonna pick up a nig…cuz u think her music is shit lol      i saw it happen to someone …i know its possible..cry about my “racial slurrs” but i know a bunch of people of many different nationalities…i know italians and i know wops, i know spainards and i know spics, i know asians and i know gooks/slopes and i know black people/africans and i know niggers… and girls that love niggers hate guys like me..cuz i’m not smooth talkin and all about the shittiest music on earth… and the reason why i can say the shittiest music on earth is all that urban shit “r&b” “hip hop” and top 40 junk appeals to everyone..therefore..there was no thought put into does nothing for your soul..its satisfaction music….u dance to it ( or fuck to it on the dance floor more like it) to basically recorded music from other real musicians… and a drum beat..don’t forget…thats what makes it good …haha

2. mall parking lots have no rules…

people walk wherever they want…have no regard for a car coming down the road..its unfuckingbelievable…its like the laws of the world stop in the mall parking lot…i guess its cuz thats where all the women spend 1000′s of dollars a year on useless shit…and “outfits” what a fantastic concept…put all this shit together for women to spend money at… fuck…wheres my pizza,porno and rock concert mall?

later niggaaz


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