Hey Later Jay Leno!!

Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 29 of May 2009 at 5:27 pm


So this not so funny douche with a big chin and like 500 cars is finally going off the air…its about god damn time.. this guy wasen’t funny before the tonight show..and the last 17 years have basically bankrupt nbc cuz of its retardedness and ho-hum-ness…

seriously i don’t get how this guy gets on tv..conan isn’t much better some nights..but at least u don’t wanna take a knife and carve some of his huge mongloid chin off…i mean..holy shit man…ur mom’s vag must have tore right hard with that big cucumber coming outta it…

but for real..jay leno must have been part of some social experiment to see how much of a goof they could put on tv for 17 years and get away with it…i guess people will watch anything…if thats the case..watch this ..cuz this is actually funny…


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