hide-dy ho motherfuckers…..

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 4 of February 2009 at 4:37 am

Bx, ur old friend..is back again..bask in my reflective glory…i have a few new insights into this terrible, twisted, man hating, pro estrogen world we live in..and how we can make it a better place…

#1 fantasia parties…
WHAT THE FUCK…SERIOUSLY… women get together in “parties” and buy dildos and the like… even married women? seriously..u wanna get off..u get a man..i mean sure..buy one to stick in ur ass when ur getting nailed by a guy..but seriously..thats just retarded..is there anything women won’t spend money on…i mean..sex is something virtually any woman can get at any time..so unless ur a serious nympho or u got a hole the size of the grand canyon and need a “mr. fister” u should be ok with a normal male cock.

#2 ….. the super bowl…
it never fails…drama, drama, drama…..now if the lions can make a comeback and win a game? lol ya…they suck worse than the maple leafs..who suck really bad at hockey if anyone didn’t know…

#3…… why so many kids?
why do women feel compelled to have a bastard child even if it was the consequence of a 1 night stand..i cannot comprehend..for the life of me…why u would want to burden ur life forever and decrease the likelyhood that ur kid will grow up well adjusted and a positive addition to society to just follow ur bullshit religious beliefs and not have an abortion????? crazyness i tell ya..

i think everyone needs to listen to this guy..and harden the fuck up…


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