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Posted By blackXmas on Monday, 8 of June 2009 at 8:17 pm

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ok…so i find myself listening to harcore sports radio on sirius 98 alot on my iPhone…its free and it beats paying 10 bucks a month for the service…and u can listen ]or watch shows freeeeee….

anyway..my favorite are these two guys..Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart…these fucking guys would gamble on a coin flip…its unreal the level of their combined “degernette-acy” when it comes to wagering… but they are funny as all fuck to watch and shit…buddy hit buddy in the neck with a dart once haha..

but ya… u can call text or email these dudes..they even had a party on another show “sports rage” on HSR at some ripper bar in toronto last weekend..i couldn’t be there..but i’m sure it was something else..its booze ,drugs and strippers..ya..that sucks…

anyway… its quite the debacle…all of u should email the score and tell them u want Bx to win drafted.ca for the new sportscaster on the score..like for fucking real..who would be better than me…

nobody..thats fucking who….beeellleeeeee-dat nicca… i’m the real deal…

whether ya like it or don’t like it..learn to love it



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Realizado el Thursday, 11 de June del 2009 a las 7:23 am

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