I get $$$..i run NY

Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 30 of November 2007 at 5:05 pm

fuck i hate 50 cent…i’ve never seen such a money grubbin nigga in my whole life…we all know his background..got shot 9 times (a pity one of those bullets didnt kill him) and now he is a whore…just like alot of black performers are (notice i said performers and not musicians…these piles don’t make music, they provide music if u can call it that).  I mean..dosen’t it sicken people that all these guys can talk about is money, hoes , and drugs and/or drinking ?  I listen to alot of music..and the MUSICIANS i listen to actually create their music with instruments and make songs that are interesting or at least have something meaningful behind their music…not something as mundane as ” u can find me in the club….i’m into having sex, i’m not into making love”  OK “fiddy” i got it…too bad no more assassins have come to this club and “popped a cap in yo’ ass” while u were fucking some stupid slut that loves ur junk music.

On a totally different note…i’m playing in a texas hold’em tournament this weekend in strath-vegas (strathroy,ontario) …we call it that cuz its a shitty little town of about 12,000 and is ironic…do u get it? fucking retards i tell ya…..anyway, they also like to play alot of poker….so its a funny little name…strath-vegas….haha

also..how many people in this world can believe their own lies? its really unbelievable…its seems like people in this world these days have no integrity, no regard for people that they don’t know…its really disgusting that people don’t give a fuck…i mean..i dont give a fuck now….cuz no one else does…but at least i give suggestions on how to get this society back to the way it was 40 or 50 years ago where men were men, women were women, and fags were outcasts…not given shows to make straight guys look at thing thru “the queer eye”…by the way..whoever put that show on tv needs a beating…

so anyway..when i get back from strath-vegas i should be 500 bucks richer…ya..i’m that fucking good…hellmuth(poker star)…email me and i’ll give ya lessons nigga!

so anyway…how many sluts sucked a random’s cock last night? let me know at opulantcanine@hotmail.com and don’t forget to send ur titty pics, etc with our name on a picture card..like on the side of the page here 😀

later fucko’s


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