I like snow, ho….

Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 7 of December 2007 at 7:03 pm

well thank god the perple J is picking up the slack this week..i’ve been really fucking dropping the ball….just on a hard bender…its all good tho…thank me (god) that my brotha “the perp” knows when I need to just get shitfaced for a week and takes care of all u cunts….

so he posted some funny pics …i like em… u should too..or you’re a carp…

CARP (noun): 1. a bottom feeding sick fish that eats any shit given to it. 2. Everyone that dosen’t like my site. eg. You are a CARP if u don’t like the shit we spew forth on theblackxmas.com.

So given that i’ve almost been out of it…i better come back..cuz as all u know “every time i get out, they pull me back in”…. pacino rules…

is it me or does anyone else wanna just ram a porn star in the mouth? i think i should do that..and tape it for ya’s…

oh ya..got another tit pic from one of my female fans…gotta love it..nice set of tits..check it out 😉


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