I Mansplain

Posted By blackXmas on Thursday, 8 of February 2018 at 6:44 pm

Ya, i mansplain..

its basically due to the fact that alot of times broads don’t get it..simple concepts..this is no shit…

dumb cuck soy boi’s are the same – too busy sucking cock to listen much..

so i mansplain, i feel i have too, i owe it to the retards of the world to enlighten them.


Going to watch 18 year old russian teen sluts take it in the ass now,



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Who The Fuck Am I?

Who the fuck are YOU?? Some say i'm an asshole, sexist, perverted, eccentric, over the top (ya stallone!!!!) and alot of other things... is true i have what some might say "out of the box" opinions...but so did the jesus...and in the big labowski "nobody fucks with the jesus" ...BE CAREFUL WHAT U BELIEVE...INCLUDING ANYTHING ON THIS SITE, SOME THINGS ARE HERE TO SHOCK, SOME TO ENTERTAIN, BUT IN THE END U GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN