I’m a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend???

Posted By blackXmas on Thursday, 8 of November 2007 at 3:35 pm

good day niggaz and niggettes… i am sick as fuck..some little cumwad kid probably touched my coffee cup and gave me kid scabies…i hate those walking disease farms…so 50 bucks later i got some medicine so i can get rid of everyone elses germs that somehow got in my system…and i’ll be back to the muthafuckin lord of the universe status that u have all come to know and love…

SO…having got that off my chest..it was 3:30 am this morning when i was on my way to emergency to get checked out and I heard this country song on the radio…NOW..i do not now, nor ever in the past, present or future, will condone this so called “NEW Country” music, but it wasen’t my car so i didn’t fuck with the radio…anyway..this country music bitch was singing a song about tormenting and basically stalking her ex boyfriend and stating she was “A crazy ex-Girlfriend” …… “A” crazy ex girlfriend? “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” crazy ex girlfriend????  Ok…heres another problem…being “A” crazy ex girlfriend is not something that should be socially acceptable , the song should be called ” I’m Not Fucking Mentally Stable cuz my little WOMAN mind can’t handle being dumped”  and not “A” crazy ex girlfriend…because the majority of women i think that listen to this song think that is an ok way to act..when in reality…they need to be locked up..cuz u know if urs truely stalked an ex-girlfriend i’d be goin to jail real fucking quick…so liberal douchebags in ottawa/washington…do something ya useless tits..


But on a lighter note…the infamous Rowdy Roddy Piper is speaking at a local highschool tonight…supporting his new movie…what a guy the HOT ROD is …He was my idol growing up and I might need to go hear him talk…A guy i know was in his last movie …it was an indy film…but its cool he hangs out in a little shithole town like sarnia or petrolia… way to go HOT ROD…u da man.

So anyway..to summerize.. 1)don’t societally reinforce a crazy bitch’s behaviour thru any media outlet (that means u 2 tyra banks, u hot black ho) and B:(i know i went from 1 to B, thats the joke ya retards hehe)  Rowdy Roddy Piper is a cool shit..

By the way..the detroit lions rock..here’s a pic from the game i went too vs. denver last weekend …peace out fucktardo’s.


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