I’ve Got A……

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 23 of October 2007 at 2:30 pm

hello hello…how ur heads doin? thats great…i don’t really care..but i’m glad that u all could pull urselves away from all ur problems to read about what really matters…scapegoating…let me explain…

Does anyone else ever see those commercials where some has “an irritable bowel” or anything else where the mass media/advertisers and society has pluralized a personal problem into a socially acceptable , almost normal issue. like really.. ” i have AN irritable bowel”??? no…u don’t have AN irritable bowel..YOUR asshole…YOUR PERSONAL ASSHOLE…is fucked…cuz i don’t have AN irritable bowel and no one i know does…we all take shits frequently and with great pride 😀

now..they got these panties on tv for bitches that u wear when ur drippin’ from the snatch (discarding eggs) and then u throw them away…well isnt that convenient???? men have been trying to throw our gitch away forever..but they make our boxers too expensive.. is there anything that they won’t mass produce for women? Answer: No ….cuz the average compliant woman will buy anything that helps them deal with their junk when its red river time….

Did u know in certain african tribes they lock women on the rag up in huts for a week when they are bleeding…they..in their jungle monkey knowledge, say that “evil spirits” emit from them when its aunt flo time…now..whos telling them that they are wrong for doin that??? go for it…u’ll get a poison tipped blow dart in the face….we could learn something from these people…i mean..we allow women, who are mostly emotionally and mentally unstable to begine with, to go to work and interact with society when they get the “period”…these mutha fuckas just lock em in a hut…that sounds like a better option to me… seriously…who needs to put up with that…fuckin liberal gay loving gimps…

anyway…i’m gonna have a period…a period of eating chicken wings in about 2 hrs ..hehehe….fuckin hell…kba


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Who The Fuck Am I?

Who the fuck are YOU?? Some say i'm an asshole, sexist, perverted, eccentric, over the top (ya stallone!!!!) and alot of other things... is true i have what some might say "out of the box" opinions...but so did the jesus...and in the big labowski "nobody fucks with the jesus" ...BE CAREFUL WHAT U BELIEVE...INCLUDING ANYTHING ON THIS SITE, SOME THINGS ARE HERE TO SHOCK, SOME TO ENTERTAIN, BUT IN THE END U GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN