KKKlaskic KKKuotes (quotes….retards)

Posted By blackXmas on Thursday, 20 of September 2007 at 6:47 pm

i came across this the other day…i love how black people use the word nigger or nigga and no one else can…..


thats a quote from Easy “Muthafuckin” E of NWA…thats recorded..check out efil4zaggin album (niggaz4life backwards )

On the total opposite side of the spectrum we got some redneck racism from canada….its not the same as the gangsta’s…but the same messages come across ūüôā lol


war out homies….


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Realizado el Tuesday, 1 de December del 2015 a las 4:51 pm

That photograph of you mniakg that wonderful face at the camera is just your best shot ever LMAO! What is up with all the gorgeous blue eyes in the family by the way? As for siblings, I have only one elder brother who lives and works in Melbourne. I adore the very ground he walks on and hate that we live (literally) in two corners of the world. But I get to see him at least once a year(when our parents yank us off on our yearly vacay) So we spend that time drinking beer, catching up and discussing the best strategies for dealing with our supposedly dysfunctional family

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Poor little girl. But she sure knew how to pick the right person, didn’t she? Having introduced two dogs to three cats, my advice is slow, slow, slow. It’s all about training. Good things happen when the cat is in the room and good things happen when they don’t look at the cat like lunch. And yes…baby gates are essential.However, I know that the best thing would be to find her a good home and my fingers are crossed that you’re able to make that happen!Amber

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Realizado el Friday, 29 de April del 2016 a las 1:10 am

Minulla on taas ihan päinvastaisesti sellaisia kokemuksia, että puuro pitää nälkää poissa tasan kaksi tuntia :D. Lieneekö siis tottumiskysymys, sillä elän pelkällä ruisleivällä tai kipollisella sokeritonta mysliä kyllä paljon pidempään. Puuro on kuitenkin ihanaa, varsinkin riisi- ja kauralesepuurot.

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It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

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