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30 Apr 2008

lets go magglio…..u paper baglio….

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so i go see the “powerhouse” detroit tigers…they won a game..but lost the on on either side..that fucking team is nearly 90% wetbacks…theres like 1 white guy player..and a couple white pitchers..of course…but otherwise its all cuntswelo’s….

i dunno whats the fucking problem…why isn’t there more white guys on the teams..god damn rap music or mexican fiesta music played like 30 times that day cuz of all the hispanic batters n shit.

wish the tigers still had ty cobb..that motherfucker was the meanest dude on the planet..ever game he played he pretty much carved up guys legs with his spikes…thats baseball..not this hoidy toidy shit thats around these days…

so my tigers are hopefully not gonna take another shit tonight…and hopefully mr. “white people hate me” gary shefflield gets a fucking hit… what a pile he is…fucking pile….

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