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17 Jun 2009

Men baaaad!!! women gooooood!!!

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Random Shit
Douche Baggery

Douche Baggery

this is the kinda shit that is brainwashing bitches and pussy ass niggaz (by niggaz i’m just talkin ur avg douchebag, no guts, no pride guy, black, white, asian or whatever)  into believing that women are more intelligent, more useful and more resourceful then men?? pardon the fuck outta me…but who fixes ur car bitch? who built ur house, who opens ur jars…

the only reason that women might help a company is by blowing the owner…or maybe mopping the floors or making coffee… the idea about this is crazy…men used to make the rules, watch a movie from the 50′s…its true..and shit was pretty simple..there wasent a 50% divorce rate…there wasen’t crazy shit like today…gays n junk… and trannys.. lol..

but since then, women get to not only mentally stumble thru their own lives…but they get a say in what happens in mine… i spend alot of time keeping my life stress free…well good luck with that when the women are on their rag”e” (rag or rage..whatever :S ) and show up to work…for fuck…ohh how the Spartans would they would laugh…hahahaha….cuz we’re all pussies guys…all of us… its fucking gay…but u all lost ur balls…and i’m gonna puke about it …i’m trying to start it up again…pass it a man..make the rules…most importantly DON”T TAKE ANY SHIT from ur girl or anyone for that matter…unless HE’S your boss…and ya..i don’t mean


2 Responses to “Men baaaad!!! women gooooood!!!”

  1. I bet u get laid a lot.

  2. i can has cheeseburger?

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