Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 29 of February 2008 at 5:24 am

have  u guys seen this show? they hook u up to a lie detecter and ask u personal questions about ur shit..if u dont bullshit then u  get money…but u embarass yourself…its great to watch..and would be great to do..unless ur a whore….

 so i’m watching this show the other night..and u all probably saw it..this blonde bitch..married to a cop for 2 years..gets up there…says she loves her ex bf still…thinks she should have married him…and that she has cheated on her husband while they have been married….all right in front of this guy and while on national tv…

u gotta be some kinda money grubbing, dumbass whore to do this…especially if end up not winning any money…which the slut didn’t cuz she was asked “do u think ur a good person” she said “yes” the machine goes “FALSE” lol….so not only does she pretty much ruin her husbands life..but she , herself, knows she’s a cheating, cum sucking whore …thats least she knows..but why lie about thinking ur a good person after u told the truth about sucking dicks behind ur husbands back,..the same husband u told that ur still in love with ur ex…makes no sense…

 but this just goes to show…u can’t trust anyone..especially a woman these days…its hard for some of u to wrap ur fucking heads around this cuz we were all brought up to think that women are “the fairer sex” and that little girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice”…well guess what fuckos’ …if u believe that shit…ur fucking ‘tarded….. they also say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” which is totally true..cuz if a bitch thinks ur fucking with them..they do anything possible to fuck u over…anything….its unreal..and there’s one running for president….not fucking likely folks

anyway…i’m just sick of stupid sayings and beliefs getting in the way of reality…and most of you are saying..well Bx, god of god’s..king of kings…what do u mean???? i’m in touch with reality….

ya..u in touch of ur remote control that lets u connect with “reality tv” as real as that is…the simple fact is that the more something is said..the less likely it is true… like all men care about is sex,…which is a fucking lie….we also care about food…steak specifically, and i nice lobster tail…mmmm…. so see..its easy to believe anything u read..but its harder, and more rewarding to actually discover the truth..but the majority of the people who live in our world today could give a fuck less…..



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