No Manny…Say It Isn’t So..?!?!?!

Posted By blackXmas on Thursday, 7 of May 2009 at 5:12 pm

wow…manny ramirez from the los angeles dodgers got caught today for using performance enhancing drugs…manny..not fucking manny..shit…

so he’s saying that some doctor gave him some meds and there was some kinda junk in when i first heard it …i thought he got nailed for weed..or maybe coke…i mean the dreads..this guy is a shitter of an outfeilder but can whack a ball., ‘m mean really whhhaaaaccckk hhh-ittttt.. but i thought it was the weed that helped him hit…i know it helps me when i play mlb 09 the show…oh shit…he’s gonna be removed from the roster…junk

i guess he should have used his team docs rather than a private one… but who whould have thought manny would fuck up..not me ..i mean..its not like he’s an olympic swimmer or a president lol..dumbasses..but hey ..look at it this way manny…u got 2 months off to relax and pound l.a.’s hottest sluts…could be worse..right

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