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Posted By Perple Jesus on Friday, 15 of June 2007 at 6:25 pm

Paris Hilton and Joe Francis are both multi-fuckin-millionaire’s, Paris took the old fashion route and inherited her money whereas Joe (girls gone wild creator) worked hard for his cash by filming hot 18 yr olds flashing there tits. Regardless, I cannot stop laughing about how despite how well they are off these two pricks are financially, they are both sitting in a fucking jail cell.
Joe is in Jail in Florida cuz he pissed a judge off and when he gets out he faces tax evasion charges and multiple charges of filming under age girls

Paris is of course in jail for being one of the dumbest fucks to ever walk on this planet (although i’d still hit it)…apparently she has found God tho in jail so she won’t be sucking on a different cock / clit every other night, we’ll see about that…I hope they both get raped with a broomstick…although paris may like that.



Paris Hilton & Joe Francis Coked Out In Ibiza during Happier Times

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Comentario de Julio Woten

Realizado el Tuesday, 27 de July del 2010 a las 3:58 pm

We have been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they come across these folks? They are from another world!

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