She’s my lady in red……

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 11 of September 2007 at 8:27 pm

Well its been a long time since we had a chance to talk my little druuugies….but lucky for u niggaz that the Perple J enlightened ur asses with a great tribute to sluts and their secondary vagines…..

anyway.. time to impart some wisdom about a tale from long ago…

Back when i went to university..not mentioning which one..but me and alot of my friends went to the same one from my hometown. One night at a party we got trashed..really shittered…and being the smart god-like fuckers we were…came up with a great idea for a sing along..perple j remembers this i’m sure… we would say…..

“Shes my lady in red (then all the guys would repeat it, shouting of course), she really loves to give me head ( again with the repeating). this would happen 2 times in a row…and then we would go ” ooh ohh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…oooooh ohhhhh ohhh ohh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. and that would be repeated… it works with any colours…our favorites were blue, pink and yellow..cuz she loves to suck the little fellow 😉 …..SLUTS hehe…it also works with places…like my lady on the floor..shes a filthy nasty whore OR she always begs me for more….whatever u like 🙂 feel free to add ur own variations in the comments area under the comments area under the blog.
On a totally unrelated topic..i love that britney spears whored it up on the mtv awards..i think she was on coke, perks, meth and cum when she did that performance…


ciao for now

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