Posted By blackXmas on Thursday, 7 of February 2008 at 2:44 pm

I dunno if any of u know this..but southwestern ontario,canada is getting hit with a shittin’ fuckload of snow…its quite incredible..but shitty to shovel…god’s being a daft cunt lately about the weather..

Speaking of daft cunts…  I just saw this movie.. Hooligans a.k.a. Gobshite… its like a usual suspects meets snatch/lock, stock and two smoking barrels… it has the traditional cockney english chatter…and is pretty fucking funny.. its about an english guy…ronnie something or other…going and taking over a pub in ireland… he calls england “god’s country” and all irish people “piss up’s” lol…great shit..i recommend it…

anyway..i know its been a while..but i got some new bitches sending in pictures of their junk..enjoy..and me and the purple J will be updating the site more now..we’re sober again for a bit…

lata niggaz





god i love sluts…ciao

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