So I’m thinking we need to talk…..

Posted By blackXmas on Friday, 17 of August 2007 at 7:21 pm

So anyway..i wake up this morning and i say to myself, “self… what can i do to make this world a better place?” Then i think to myself..not much..cuz the rediculousness of life is too much to try and change. There are way too many people that are soooo fucked in the head out there..and when u try to get through to them and let them know that its not healthy to me a manic depressive or a controlling psychotic they don’t listen cuz they think its normal…

Its not normal to steal a plant from ur recently ex’s place…..

Also, its not ok to interrupt me while i’m watching “OW my Balls” lol ( u need to see the movie IDIOCRACY to get that one..still one of my favorite movies)

I was watching 300 the other day and I thought maybe the spartans had the right idea..kill all the children that come out with defects…unfortunately, u can’t see right away that a person is going to be a fucking retard (not in a literally retarded “six shots” kinda way, but a fuckhead that causes other people to have a rough go at stuff sometimes).

Now I know ur saying “SIX SHOTS??!?!?!?!?! what the FUCK is that?!?!?” ok.. some tardo back in the day when i went to elementary school..he was ‘tarded of course… a real drooler…. anyway… he used to play the only game at recess that his gerbal brain to comprehend…he called it six shots…the Perple J knows what i’m talking about…nigga… hehe… anyway…the game basically consisted of him chucking a basketball off a brick wall repeatedly, with the goof saying, after every throw..”SIX SHAAAAATS !!!! (6 shots)…as u can imagine..this did not really progress the game much..and we were all asked to play by this poor little fella…but we lost interest pretty quickly as there was seemingly no real goal to the game. But the kid was what we called “a good tard” because he didn’t shit or piss himself or hit girls in the eye with his lunch box..

On a more serious note…none of u fucking bitches out there have emailed me at to post ur whorey pics on here.. i could grab random internet pics (like i do from time to time) but i think i need to take pictures of broads up close and personal to really see their inner slut 😉

But..I came across this one internet whore that i actually went to college with.. she goes by Meredith 18.. which is cool cuz her name is actually meredith..fuck she was hot..and i wanted to pound her hard while at school..look at this pic and tell me u don’t want too..and girls..this is the kind of pics we need to take…

Not bad eh…fucking who knew that girl was such a little whore.

war out…


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