Be a lion…don’t encourage the VAG

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 7 of May 2008 at 4:22 am


hells kitch…ramsey…sweet 16 party? fuck  right off.. what is the point of this shit?? this daft old cunt..who looked like a crazy old spoiled bitch..pays ramsey like whatever thousands to  have his chefs cook her sweet 16 the HK. 

so here’s my problem with ramsey’s recently ramsey’d ass…

this is some kinda sick rich american tradition basically promoting bitchyness to a young girl..who honestly seemed pretty well adjusted….but her mom will make sure she gets all the psychosis she needs …and the media too..but not ur Bx, i wanna save this little lady from her shit…pfffft!!..well save us from her shit is more like it..and the thousands of others who’s shit i would like to be saved from…

….cuz shit man…i’m a natural born killer

 (mickey knox)

brought to u by the one and only…ur mother’s favorite…u know who…


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