can u believe this shit?

Posted By blackXmas on Tuesday, 22 of July 2008 at 3:42 pm i’m flippin thru the tv channels the other day..and guess what..theres that moron tyra banks on tv again..i dunno how many cocks she inhaled to get that tv show of hers…but wow..she’s a tit..i mean..she’s got some big fat heavy hangers..but she , herself, is a tit… and her head is gone….mangled…i dunno if she even thinks she’s on earth…her show is like listening to a teenage girl talk about her snatch drippin (with blood).. just annoying..

anyway..she has some whores from this show called “the bad girls club” which translated means “get me drunk and fuck my ass ” club…and i say this because this bitch apparently is an ex porn star..her porn name is nikki Carlisle… check out this link to see a clip from bang bros

anyway..this whore gets on tv…and i can’t? all she does is suck dick, ride dick and eat cum like every good bitch should anyway…so she gets on a tv show? ya..whatever…thats not even cool

so anyway..if u use torrent u can download her full video..i am..that slut.. i love it…haha

i gotta go golfing now…nigga childs…later


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