the all star game

Posted By blackXmas on Monday, 7 of July 2008 at 7:22 pm

as many of u know the baseball all star game is coming up in like a week..i like baseball alot..people that don’t like baseball and like other sports probably don’t understand the game..i know ur saying “fuck..its easy..u throw the ball..u hit the ball, u catch the ball” its alot more than that.

i mean granted, in the early stages..little shits of 10 years old, its that basic..but the junk some of these pitchers throw at u is sickening…like..give it a shot …ha

anyway… theres alot of red sox and yankees on the AL team this surprise..but how about josh hamilton from texas..this guy was drafted high…then GOT high on coke (bob probert’s favorite) for like a year..must have been fun…and then cleaned himself up and is now one of the best players in the league.. what a fucking comeback…i’m sure he’ll have his old bitches he gots high with contacting him for money for blow…he might have ghona-sypha-herpeleez from fucking all those crack whores tho.

on another and the perple J took a recon last week to toronto…and went to little india..i never smelled or heard such things in my life..fucking those people sound like every stereotype i’ve ever heard about towel heads… its another world…a world that dosen’t belong in canada.

GET THE FUCK OUT OR SPEAK ENGLISH…GOT IT PATEL? about that jaw grinding spic rafa nadal? who woulda thought he would have been federerererererer at wimbledon… me…thats who…..what a match

anyway…we’re gonna be doin more updates …even the perple J if he can get off his ass



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