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17 Jun 2007


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Who would have believed it, this lesbo cow is being endorsed by BOB fucking Barker to host the price is right after he starts shitting too much dust during the show that his extra absorbant depends won’t soak up…its incredible really…i mean..this bitch, Rosie i mean, she couldn’t even make it on that fucking show the view..and all she had to do is sit there and agree with 3 other dimwitted twats…she is a is this retard famous and i’m not…i can fuck chicks and fling shit into crowds too..but i would do it with more style and much more COCK than she could pull off…

And another thing is…. i agree with the synopsis the Perple J gave on paris and buddy there…why can’t these people just thank god that life shit them a winner and respect that… i many bottom feeders like paris,that if left in the world and asked to fend for themselves, could actually survive without sucking dick and hooping cocks? not bloody fucking many niggaz…not too bloody fucking many…

i would like to see paris hilton get a college degree..even in history..that would impress the Black Xmas…

till next time world, suck it up..and wipe ur ass after u shit..i did..thats how mc hammer was born..



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