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9 Oct 2007

There’s only 1 october????

Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Random Shit

fucking right the BX is back…thanksgiving day in CANADA…the turkey was good..the head i got before supper was even better…but i digress…

so heres a little story about the “only 1 october” that fag dane cook talks about on the commercials for the baseball playoffs… i’m writing this..i’m watching the yankees/indians game on TBS or Peachtree TV..whatever the fuck they call themselves…i think its one in the daytime and the other at night..fucking ted turner…

ANYWAY…..they know how to shitter up the playoffs like no other station..they have 3 bucketheads…including some guy named chip and tony gwynn..the fat ass from the padres like 10 yrs ago…doing the announcing…now i dunno what the hell kinda contraband ted turner is pumping into his veins or if its the fact that he;s getting to be about a century old…but what the fuck ted…did u at least listen to these guys before u put them to work..sometimes they say the stupidest shit goin…or they just remain silent…which is preferable… cuz they suck goat ass…for real..

i mean fox takes over for the next series thank god..get terry bradshaw in there..i mean even tho he dosen’t know shit all about baseball…he at least is entertaining..these guys make drying paint seem like a great time…fucking twats!!!

by the way..don’t u love the way in this age of so called Political Correctness…that there are teams like the the Indians and Yankees still around…ted must love that cuz i’m sure he’s a true southern gentleman that hates niggaz….

anyway…i’ll be updating the site more often will my bro the Perple J cuz if he dosen’t i’ll kick his gook ass..(just kidding..he’s not gooker lol)

war..what is it good bush’s pocket..


this is the hand i will slap u with ted turner…u old money grubbing prick
BX out…

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