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12 Aug 2008


Author: blackXmas | Filed under: Random Shit did any of u see the nip/nig classic at the olympics??? i was nigtastic and nipperificent… i had a great time watching a giant chinaman and all his little dwarf buddies fight with the funkalious stars of the nba…as a white guy that listens to rock music…u could understand my excitement..

whats wrong with just playing women’s volleyball the whole time? nothin…thats what….

but u knew that the us was gonna kill china..and i still watched..cuz i thought the little asian buggers had it in them….guess not

so now i’m watching tennis…alot of action..not alot of chicks in bikinis…so i guess i still like women’s beach volleyball more….maybe women’s water polo will be good..i know i like the woman’s diving…
i think they need more sports with bitches in bikini’s…
your thoughts?

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