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Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 27 of May 2009 at 4:42 pm


hey to all u homo’s, hammerheads, sluts, and dicks out there…another edition of “Bx” coming at ya today..isn’t spring time lovely?

anyway..this bitch..nicole ritchie…or whatever…has a kid now…i can’t start to explain how wrong this is…just because u got a vag dosen’t mean u have the right to shit out a kid…this women..i believe..will be the worst mother in history..way worse than britney spears…all this nicole bitch does is do cocaine and fuck randoms…i bet she dosent even know who the real “baby daddy” of this bastard kid is cuz it was probably concieved during a 5 on 1 gangbang one saturday night.

this kid..well its gonna be a total hammerhead like her… and of course it’ll get all the advantages that some piece of hollywood trash would get..while i sit here and figure out what happened to society and peoples heads…its gonna get gangbanged just like mommy 🙂

fucking whore…what a toilet…

talk soon..


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