why are people retarded?

Posted By blackXmas on Wednesday, 20 of May 2009 at 3:42 pm


so ya…i’m back like a heart attack…u ready for the beating..mmmmmmmmkay…

so mike vick is out of jail..finally..i mean..holy shit..kill a dog or 2 and it ruins ur life????? i read that he’s filed bankruptcy…really? a guy making 10 million plus a year for like 5 years has to file bankruptcy? now he’s gotta work a 10 dollar an hour job in construction for at least 2 months while he’s under house arrest?
i mean…in reality if he couldn’t run really fast thats all he could have ever hoped for cuz he’s a dumb ghetto fuck…but its still wrong…i’d go postal…fo sho..

why is society so fucked…its just a couple of dogs..i mean shit..people kill animals all day every day…for shoes, purses, make up,coats, food…like what the fuck does it matter if this piece of shit kills dogs?

does it change ur life? did it ruin ur day? like harden the fuck up people…and this guy is a piece of shit..not cuz he kills dogs..but cuz he’s a wanna be thug gangsta…which is almost as detestable as a jahovah’s witness…but this hardcore “nigga” should not have his life ruined cuz he killed a dog…like if that happened to him..am i gonna get jailed for that bird i shot like 2 years ago? lol
i hope not…cuz the dog ate it..so there was a purpose…haha

maybe i’ll go get my hunting license soon so i can legally kill animals without anyone caring… do they make one for dog’s? cuz vickster might wanna look into it haha

later u tree hugging liberal faggots….

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